WELCOME to R&B College International

The R&B College International, an internationally and regionally accredited college, offers educational opportunities to professionals and adults from around the world so that they can better themselves using their potential to manage their personal development. This is actualized through the evaluation of their credentials towards a Bachelor's degree, and this also implies a capability for sustainable results-based performance.

Online Fast Track Programs

Accelerated program is the accreditation of prior experiential learning i.e. the award of credit for learning based on you prior life experience - from work, community or volunteer experience. By converting your informal learning into certificated learning, our program provides cost-effective routes to college degree.

Online learning made simple

R&B College International makes career education convenient and accessible. Our online courses are tailored for working students and others who need a more flexible class schedule. The College allows you to learn from home and offers the same well-respected curriculum available at our traditional campuses.

Advantages to earning your degree online

Traditional daytime universities are not always an option for today's busy students. Online learning makes it possible to balance school, work and family responsibilities.

Life Goes On

At R&B College International, we understand that life doesn't stop just because you've decided to go to school. With the ease and convenience of online learning, you'll be able to continue your course of study, even when life throws unexpected surprises your way.


Accreditation R&B College for Professional Studies in Accounting and Financial Markets is accredited by the Ministry of Education (Licencing and Quality Control Commission, no. 612-00-1187/2006-04).

R&B College International is accredited by The International Distance Learning Accrediting Commmission (IDLAC no. 841-22/06).