Is RBCI an approved College?

Yes, the College has the authorization to operate and award Bachelor degrees by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Serbia and by the independent International Distance Learning Accrediting Commission. (read more)

Does RBCI offer financial aid or scholarships?

Currently not, but we offer a flexible payment plan called "Pay as you go". (read more)

How long does it take to complete the entire degree program?

Our programs are designed to be completed in approximately 36 months. However some students may choose a slower or faster study pace due to their own convenience.

Does the College provide transcripts?

Your degree package, amongst the other documents, includes 2 original transcripts. Additional transcripts are available from the Registrar’s Office, upon request.

May courses taken elsewhere be transferred to RBCI?

Yes, transfer of credit is allowed if compatible with RBCI standard course work programs. (read more)

Do I need to complete the courses based on a pre-scheduled timetable?

Students may complete their degree at their own pace with no set schedule

How soon can I start my degree program?

The Admissions Committee meets regularly to evaluate applications. Upon a favorable evaluation, a preliminary letter of acceptance will be issued to the student. Then you can choose one of our flexible tuition payment options. Most students will begin their programs within 24 hours after receipt of payment.

Can my life-learning experience qualify me for course work reduction?

Yes, credit may be awarded for life-learning experience, as long as the experience correlates with the course work requirements and the field of study. (read more)

Will distance learning be worded on my diploma or transcript?

No, diplomas and transcripts are similar to those of traditional institutions.

Are RBCI students qualified for tuition reimbursement assistance by their employers?

Some RBCI students, working for major corporations and governmental agencies, receive tuition reimbursement assistance from their employers. To check your eligibility, please contact your employer.