R&B College International (RBCI) is a private institution of higher learning offering undergraduate degree programs in Accounting and Finance, through distance learning.

The mission of the R&B College International is to provide opportunities for the self-directed adult students to learn knowledge and earn academic degrees needed to play a successful role in today's local, regional, national and international ever-changing highly specialized and competetive business environments. These opportunities are well provided through offering flexible highly individualized degree programs designed to meet the educational needs of the students who are under time and location constraints. Rather than bringing the students to the classes at a specific time and location, these programs direct the learning process to the student's confortable place at his/her own convenient time.

RBCI’s academic programs offer a structured, yet flexible undergraduate curriculum leading to either a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting, or a Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance.

Students may begin their academic programs at any time and complete it at their own pace. RBCI’s philosophy is based on the belief that professional experience and education are interrelated.
Therefore, each student’s academic program culminates in the completion of an academic project related to a student’s practical experience and/or occupation. As RBCI’s instructional goals are flexible and personalized, this project is developed with the assistance and approval of assigned departments, qualified in the student’s subject area.

Once having accomplished these goals, the following outcomes will be evidenced by the learner:

  • Demonstrated mastery of course work assigned,
  • Ability to analyze, define and recommend solutions to given problems,
  • Demonstrated ability to reason and think abstractly,
  • Demonstrated depth and breadth of knowledge in specified area of concentration,
  • An educational preparedness that is suitable to pursue advanced training or degree programs,
  • An educational preparedness to qualify students to assume key responsibilities in business and professional environments.