Student Support Center: You can contact us by email our 24-hour student support center even if you are not yet enrolled at our university. Our highly trained and professional staff members will answer your questions as quickly as possible.

Education Verification Service: After getting your degree from RBCI, you can ask our staff to confirm your enrollment and validate your documents by sending copies of your degree and certificates directly to you or your employer when requested.


To participate in this promotion, referrer must be an existing student of R&B College International.

Earn $100 for you and 100$ for your friend! Refer a friend and get $100 bonus per friend and your friend will receive $100 discount on tuition.

The calculation is simple: if you refer 5 friends, you'll get $500 bonus in terms of decrease of your total tuition fee and each of your friends will get $100 discount despite on payment option they chose.