WHY R&B College International?

Many students choose R&B College International to get their degrees because:

  • RBCI is Fully Accredited college providing degrees on the basis of both Online studies and Life Experience.
  • No Application Fee. (more...)
  • RBCI offers you a Flexible Payment Plan: "Pay-as-you-go" with no extra charges, or get 20% discount with payment in full for the degree program. (more...)
  • They can Refer a Friend and get a bonus for you and your friend. (more...)
  • RBCI maintains Continuos Enrollment throughout the year. (more...)
  • RBCI provides lifetime Credential Verification Services. (more...)

RBCI’s carefully chosen textbooks and study materials are provided to our students free of charge. These textbooks and study materials not only serve students during their educational career, but also become part of the student’s personal and professional electornic library.